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Drum Sieve

Drum sieve machine is for grain pre-cleaning so it is used to separate coarse impurities, such as straw particles, string, paper, pieces of wood, leaves and cobs etc.

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Reel Machine

Reel machine is ideal for use in modern split plants. It runs on upward and downward side on 2+2 ball bearings.

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Triple Deck Cleaning

Triple deck cleaning with blower is suitable for cleaning of cereals, grain, legumes and fine seeds. It can effectively separate over size, under size and light impurities from the feed.

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Vibro Separator

Vibro separator with two vibrating screens is suitable for efficiently cleaning all types of grains and seeds, pulses, oil seeds etc.

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Rotary Separator

Rotary separator machine is suitable for fine cleaning, precleaning of all types of grains, cereals, pulses, legumes and seeds. It is offered in double deck type construction also.

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Gravity Selector cum De-Stoner

Gravity selector cum de-stoner machine is used for continuous removal of stones or glass from a stream of granular material, composed for instance of any variety of grains, oil seeds, cocoa beans, wheat, rice, pulses etc.

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Gravity Separator

Gravity separator machine with rectangular deck can be used to separate any type of dry bulk particles that are similar in size and shape but differs in weight.

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Air Recycling System

Air recycling system with locking device is fabricated from heavy-duty plate, angle, channel and sheet. It avoids air pollution as no outlet of air goes in atmosphere.

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Horizontal Scourer

Horizontal scourer machine helps in removal of skin dust, crease dirt and also making the surface of kernel rough for better and fast penetration.

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Cockle Cylinder

Cockle cylinder machine consists of steel drum into which thousands of small indents are pressed.

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Aspiration Channel

Aspiration channel is used for removal of light weight particles such as immature shriveled grain, dust etc. from all kind of grains or pulses.

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Intensive Dampener

Intensive dampener machine is normally used just before the cereal milling process for the water being sprayed on the cereal in small percentage in order to soften the grain hull, make it more elastic and in short make grain breakage easier without crushing the bran.

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Rotary Magnetic Separator

Rotary magnetic separator machine has a rotary drum which is used to separate out ferrous particles from non-ferrous material or grains.

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Online Magnetic Separator

Online magnetic separator has a magnetic drum which is used to separate out ferrous particles from food material.

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Grill Type Magnetic Separator

Grill type magnetic separator is used for separating ferrous particles from free flowing granular materials only.

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Spiral Separator

Spiral separator is entirely based on centrifugal force and on friction in relation to the shape and specific gravity of the grains.

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Positive Type Destoner

Positive type destoner is used for removal of heavy foreign contaminants like stones, metallic and glass pieces, etc. from grains and seeds of all crops.

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